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Edgar A. Reims

When I began as a art student, I wasn't entirely sure of what my goals may be. I knew I was inspired by Andrew Wyeth and several other painters, but I had no definite ideas. I wasn't long into my classes at the Art Students' League before my true path as a painter became apparent.

The Art Students' League is an excellent place to learn the art of painting. It's a place you go to paint. It surprised me how quickly I became enthralled with color. Not just color for color's sake, but how color existed in nature. Color with a little form expresses everything in the visual world. When I started getting good results from my nature sketches, I knew I was hooked. I have been painting from life ever since.

Everything in my painting revolves around natural color. I think it's the common ground from which a visual person gets involved. If a viewer is involved with one of my paintings for some time, I know that painting is a success. But what can someone get form one of my paintings? I can only answer that by explaining what I'm trying to do. I'm a little hesitant to put it this way, but I'm really trying to create something beautiful.

I am trying in a very sincere way to capture the essence of a moment in nature. If you color, composition, or overall execution is off, the painting won't work. It's a very fine line. It is so hard to capture a windy day or feeling of cold, but that's the challenge. It's mostly about color with me, but I feel very strongly that the end result should be something special: a work of art.

Ed Reims portrait.jpg
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